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General terms and conditions for webhosting services, domain registration and other related services (hereinafter referred to as „GTCs “) of the WebSupport, Ltd.,having its registered seat at: Karadžičova 12, 821 08 Bratislava, Registered with the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I., sec.: Sro, insert no.: 63270/B

1. Introductory provisions
Rules of Commission program (hereinafter referred to as „Rules“) are an inseparable part of the Cooperation agreement - Commission program, that was concluded in digital form and between the company WebSupport, Ltd., Karadžičova 12, 821 08 Bratislava, Registered with the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I., sec.: Sro, insert no.: 63270/B (hereinafter referred to as "Provider"), as a provider of Commission program and a Commission program party (hereinafter referred to as "Partner").
Participation in Commission program is established from registration in Commission program, where the Partner has an obligation to create space on his www pages, where by links and banners, that will after click on them direct to WebSupport, Ltd. websites promote this company. Links, as well as banners are solely created by WebSupport, Ltd. company. The company reserves the right to modify advertising texts and banners.
At the registration, the future partner is obliged to submit the bank account details, where paid commission will be credited. The same bank account number has to be stated on the Partner's invoice.
2. Definitions
<em>Operator:</em> operator of Commission program is WebSupport, Ltd. company
Partner: represents any legal entity or private individual who is of full legal age and legally competent from valid legislation, and who fills in a form requesting registration through the mediation of partners' platform,
Visitor: represents any visitor of internet sites of the WebSupport, Ltd. company;
Customer: any visitor of the WebSupport, Ltd. company's websites who orders services or products of the company and pay for the ordered products;
Commission: represents financial reward from the WebSupport, Ltd. company for PARTNER arising from the Commission program
Www page: an internet website, where there is HTML code placed and that is in ownership or is in the use of the Partner, that the Partner in the Agreement stated or subsequently assigned within his user account to the Commission program.
HTML code: means a special code that is assigned to the Partner by the Provider after inserting on the Partner's www page and is displayed as advertising space.
Advertising space: means banner, search panel or text link that is a result of placing a unique HTML code inserted into Partners' www page.
3. Conditions and forms of promotion
Partner undertakes to create advertising space, i.e. to place banner or text link on his www pages directing to the service or product of the Provider. Partner is obliged to use for every form of promotion a unique HTML code that will be assigned to him by the Operator in the Commission program.
Operator undertakes to pay the Partner the commission in the amount specified according to separate campaign set by the Operator. Operator reserves the right to change settings of the campaign, where he undertakes that the he will inform the Partners about the modifications. Commissions are included to the partner after payment for the service that a customer ordered through a link placed on the partners' website. For 60 days, the commissions will be included from paid service of the customer who ordered the service through a link on the partners' web page. Commission to the partner can be registered maximum 5 weeks, resp. 40 days from the customers' order.
Www page of the Partner must be in his ownership or in the use of the Partner, further it must be permanently accessible to WebSupport, Ltd.'s employees and must have the character of a finalised website, i.e. it cannot provoke doubts regarding its design and functionality.
In case a partner decides to add another www page, he performs it through "DirectLink URL" option, where its approval and execution is done by the Operators' party in less than 5 business days. Until the Operator's approval, the Partner is not entitled to create advertising space on the given www page, resp. commission from such space will not be surcharged in case of orders prior to the approval period. Status "approved" is displayed to the Partner in the part "DirectLink URL".
Advertising space can not be placed on www pages, where their content is against legal statutes, or good manners, websites that have pornographic character and on websites that serve mainly for displaying advertising, or are dedicated for promotion and spreading of opinions of extreme right wing, or extreme left wing, or they can degrade reputation of the Operator.
4. Partner's reward
Reward will be paid by the Operator:
  1. business holders, or other entities entitled to produce tax documents on the basis of tax documents - invoices send officially or digitally to the Operator at the above mentioned seat of the Operator. The produced invoice must meet all the requisites of a proper tax document and include user name of the Operator as used in the Commission program of WebSupport, Ltd.. The amount of reward is calculated as a percentage of the service excluding VAT. Due period of such invoice is 30 days upon delivery to the Operator.
  2. non-professional entities on the basis of a document that the Partner is obliged to send officially to the Operator at the above mentioned address of the seat. The due period
The Partner is entitled to have the reward repaid (i.e. Transfer on the bases of invoice, or other document as set in the previos section), in case the full amount reaches at least 50 €. The reward will always be credited to the Partner on their bank account as stated in the invoice or other document delivered to the Operator. The reward includes all expenditure connected with its activity as set forth in the Agreement and the Rules.
5. Protection of personal data
A user, who is a private entity, by signing the Agreement or submitting Order confirms that the personal information given by him, including name, surname, address, email address, telephone number are accurate and truthful and gives permission pursuant to the § 5 Sec. 2 letter. i) Law no. 101/2000 Col. regarding protection of personal information law, its gathering, storing and processing of personal information by the Provider and its use for invoicing purposes, domain registration and other transactions related to ordered and provided Service. A user bears full responsibility for their inaccuracy or being out of date.
The Provider undertakes to refrain from exploiting and providing personal details with the exception necessary for operation of the ordered Service and ensuring its operation.
The Provider is not entitled to interfere with the content of the Internet presentations of the User, nor has the right to monitor or store any eletronic mail of the User, with the exception of performing regular backup of the User's activity.
The Provider undertakes to perform all necessary steps to provide the highest possible protection of Users' personal data, as well as to protect all data, databases and mail files of the User against their loss, damage or destruction.
6. Term of the Agreement and termination
The Agreement is concluded for an unlimited period.
The agreement ceases to exist or is terminated:
  1. Upon agreement. In the event of electronic termination within users' account by submission of request for termination of the Agreement from the Partner's party or from the Provider's party and through electronic acceptation of the second party. In the event of delivery of such acceptation (notice in the Partner's user account) it causes termination of the Agreement.
  2. Notice. Upon termination of this Agreement by any party (for any reason) upon electronic request withing users' account of the Partner by submitting termination. The notice period is one month and starts from the first day of the following calendar month upon submission of such notice.
  3. Waiver. The partner is entitled to waive from this agrement in electronic form in case the Operator fails to repay reward in the period longer than 30 days. The Operator is entitled to immediate wiaver of the Agreement above all in the cases, where content of the Partners' www pages is against legislation, good manners or Rules or if the Operator learns that the Partner is performing any activity pursuant to unauthorized bidding of the reward. Such engagement means above all:
    • Placing a link what automatically activates after entering the Partner's www page.
    • Modification of a banner created by the Operator.
    • Placing a banner on the website that is not in the Partner's ownership.
    • Placing a banner in pop-up window on a special website activated in the same moment as the Partner's website.
    • Sending mass unsolicited information about the website or about advertisement related to the Operator (i.e. Spamming), e.g. Using such media as e-mail, discussion board, chat, instant messenger, etc.).
    • Immitating of the Operators website design and content with the goal to arise such impression that it is in fact the service provided by the Operator.
In case one of the mentioned reasons for waiver of the Agreement arises from the Operator's party, the Partner is not entitled to any reward.
By termination or cancellation of the Agreement the right to damage indemnity does not cease to exist, nor provisions governing the rights and obligations arising, these endure even after termination of the Agreement.
Partner undertakes to remove all advertising space from their www pages, not later than 3 days after such termination of the Agreement.
In case the Agreement is terminated or noticed, the Partner is obliged to deliver invoice or receipt to the Operator for the purpose of payment of the reward, that the Partner is obliged to on the date of termination of the Agreement.
7. Final provisions
The Operator reserves the right to alter the Rules unilaterally.
In case any of the Rules are invalid or ineffective for any reason, it does not cause invalidity or ineffectivity of other parts of Rules.
These rules enter into force on the 15.7.2011
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