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  • 100% data communication security
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The SSL certificate is the cornerstone of website security. If you choose to use the certificate, you will secure the data communication between your site and visitors. Thanks to the unique identification of the operator, you will get a trusted site certificate, and it will even help you improve your position in the Google search.
Secure your communication s with visitors
Prevention is the best medicine. Secure information exchange between your web and customer. You will prevent capturing of personal data, passwords, or change of information on the way. With the certificates we offer, you willget the highest available SHA - 2 256 - bit encryption.
Attract more visitors from searches
Only 1% of websites in the world use the SSL certificate. The ones that do not have it, are unaware of robbing themselves of customers; Google displays pages with the SSL higher in the list and strengthens their search traffic. Do not miss the opportunity to get a competitive edge.
Increase the loading speed of your site
A combination of the SSL certificate and web on our server equals much faster page loading. We have brought the support of the new HTTP/2 technology as one of the first in Slovakia for all our customers, using it makes loading pages much faster.


Let’s Encrypt
Regular SSL certificate
Wildcard SSL certificate
EV SSL certificate
communication encryption
Cracking insurance
1 certificate for www also without www
Support with 99% of browsers
1 certificate for infinite subdomains
Advanced identity authentification
Green address field in browser
Suitable for
Personal pages, blogs, ...
For corporate sites, non-profit projects ...
For commerce sites s with several subdomains
E-shops, large corporate sites, protals
3 months
1-2 years
1-2 years
1-2 years
Free with hosting
874,96 CZK / year
(when buying for 2 years
2 200,08 CZK / year
(when buying for 2 years
4 465,68 CZK / year
30-day money back guarantee
Prices listed excl. VAT


Your information will be safe
All certificates contain the highest available 256-bit encryption that secures safe exchange of sensitive data.
Get the certificate super-fast
Waiting for the certificate for a couple of days is a norm. You will get it in a few minutes, hours tops.
The installation is hassle-free
If you host on our servers, we will install it right away. Disabling it is just a matter of a single click.
Corrective issue for free
Have you lost your private key, some change occurred in the CSR data, or are worried about compromised data? We will reissue the certificate for free.
Tip-top in 99% of browsers
Visitors to your site use many different browsers, but in 99% of them, your certificate will work properly. That 1% are just very old versions.
Up to 1 000 000 € guarantee
If someone succeeds in cracking the certificate, our customers will be protected with a certification authority insurance. It is up to 10 000 $ with regular certificates and up to the amount of 1 000 000€ with the EV
We respond to your questions before you ask them

Most frequent questions about SSL CERTIFICATES

What exactly is the SSL certificate?
SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer, and it is a technology that allows encrypting data between hosting/server and a visitor's browser. SSL certificate ensures that no third party can read or edit the data.
How do I install the certificate I get?
If you host with us, the installation is just a click away. If you host elsewhere, it depends on the provider, but the installation is available anywhere if you get the keys.
What is the difference between a regular SSL certificate and the EV?
Regarding security, both certificates provide the same encryption level. The difference is in credibility the EV certificate arouses. Thanks to its rigorous authentication process, it is the only one that brings the green browser address field. Available as research has shown that it increases conversions and purchases.
How to choose the right certificate for my website ?
We would rather recommend the Let’s Encrypt certificate which is free for all hostings with us. For corporate web, e-shop, or the web with registration, we recommend a standard SSL certificate. If you have more domains, go for the Wildcard. Then it is on you to decide whether you want to increase credibility and improve conversions with the EV certificate.
Who can get the EV certificate?
Any operating company that owns the domain can request the issuance of the EV certificate for their domain. Unfortunately, it is not available for natural persons.
How long does it take to issue a certificate?
The registration process starts immediately after receipt of payment, and when data agree, the certificate is issued in a few minutes. In the EV certificate case, the verification process more demanding, but if the data fit, only takes a few hours.

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