Frequent questions


What is a domain?
A domain is, to put it simply, the name of your website on the Internet. Specifically, a domain is, for example:
How do I register a new domain?
First think over the name of your new domain. Check if the domain is available and then order the domain through our website.
Will I be the owner of the registered domain?
If you want to become an owner of .cz domain, at ordering it is necessary to submit your CZNIC - identification code of the holder.
What data does WebSupport have for domain registration?
NIC CZ identifier:
How long does a domain’s registration take?
We register .sk domains immediately after order processing, foreign domains are registered upon pre-invoice payment. Domains are working fully in 24 hours after their registration at national registrar (usually a lot earlier though).
How can I change registrar?

The Hosting

Why should my next hosting be The Hosting ?
We have combined the best of our existing hosting and thanks to the shared space, we can significantly reduce the cost per GB. The Hosting - the fairest solution that we can offer you.
Is the number of hosting services really unlimited?
Each The Hosting has limited maximal performance and it's up to you how many pages you divide it within. If you need more performance for some website, treat it with individual The Hosting. However, if you have undemanding websites, you can use The Hosting for several tens of them.
What happens when I exceed the capacity of The Hosting?
There is nothing to worry about, we will notify you by email at reaching 90% of its capacity. If you also happen to exceed 100%, the service will not stop working immediately. We will give you the time to order further space or delete data over.
Can I migrate my Custom, Unlimited, Multi hosting to The Hosting ?
This option will be certainly added over time, but we have decided to prefer other features at the beginning. Meanwhile, you can use the option of manual migration or wait for automated migration.
What's next with Custom, Unlimited and Multi Hosting?
There are no changes. You can continue to extend and buy "Old" hostings at the same conditions as before . We will probably withdraw old hostings from sale over time, but we will inform you about it in advance .


What is hosting?
To put it simply, the hosting space on a server is the place where all your website files are stored. These are subsequently displayed and accessible over the Internet.
What type of hosting is appropriate for me?
When choosing appropriate web hosting, take the size and demands of your website into account. Custom hosting proves to be sufficient with most simple websites without a content management system. We recommend unlimited hosting for more space-demanding projects. If you have several web pages, using multi-hosting will lower your expenses and also simplify your domain administration.
Is it possible to change hosting parameters without going offline?
You can change the parameters of the prepaid hosting with us any time. Just contact us through our email and the change will apply without your website going offline.
Is data on hosting backed up?
The data, e-mail and also databases of every hosted site are backed up with us for a period of 14 days. In case you need backup, just let us know through our contact e-mail. You’ll find your back ups in your WebAdmin.
Can I test the website on the server even prior to the DNS change?
It’s possible to test all websites prior to the DNS change. You can test it before the launch at

Virtual servers

What is a virtual server (VPS)?
A virtual server is a software-created server that behaves and has the features of a dedicated server.
Can I change the server parameters even during prepaid period?
You can change the parameters of the virtual server in your WebAdmin any time. The changes will be applicable after payment of the outstanding amount.
What happens when the virtual server is not paid for?
  • Virtual server shuts itself down after 7 days of expiration
  • Data will be deleted 7 days after expiration of the virtual server
  • The server will be relaunched if you credit the amount within these 14 days
Management, monitoring and backup of OS Linux applications running on VPS is in your full control. You can order the services with us if you are interested.

Dedicated server

What is a dedicated server?
Dedicated server is a stand-alone server that is entirely reserved (dedicated) for you. You then decide what you install on it (what software, applications and settings) and you don’t share its performance with anybody else.
What are the advantages of a dedicated server?
A dedicated server offers higher performance than a virtual server and the offer of services is more accessible. Another advantage of renting it is that all the maintenance of the physical components (replacement of broken parts, upgrades, etc.) is on our shoulders.
Can I adjust the dedicated server parameters?
Yes, it’s possible. The servers are usually assembled from commonly available components. They are quite easy to replace and add.
What if I need a higher performance than a stand-alone dedicated server can provide?
If needed, there is the option of combining several dedicated servers in one solution. Just contact us at
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