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Dedicated server

VPS, dedicated server represents the best solution on the market. Latest technologies ensure maximum performance and direct control for your projects or applications. Apart from that, a dedicated server provides you with a higher availability of add-on services.
Rely on the quality brand DELL
We would bet our lives on these servers! Even we use them to run tens of thousands of services. Offered configurations comprise of branded components, and they are meant for use with mission critical applications. Make a smart investment and get the best price-performance ratio in this category.
Ditch hardware worries
We consider it a standard, but others charge for it; we add an extra power supply to every dedicated server, extra connectivity and discs drives in RAID1. They will safeguard you in case of unforeseen hardware issues. That way, it will give us enough time to fix the problem and your applications will run without limitations.
Get premium insurance for free.
We consider it a standard, but others charge for it; we add an extra power supply to every dedicated server, extra connectivity and discs drives in RAID1. They will safeguard you in case of unforeseen hardware issues. That way, it will give us enough time to fix the problem and your applications will run without limitations.

Choose one of our configurations

Ideal for using as a DNS server, VPN server, or as a base for an e-shop
1x Intel Xeon E3-1220 4C / 4T
(max. 64GB)
2x 1TB 7.2K RPM SATA
2x network connection
2x power supply
most favourite
Fit as a web server, SQL server (MariaDB, PostgreSQL), RoR or Node.js applications
1x Intel Xeon E3-1270 4C / 8T
(max. 64GB)
2x 1TB 7.2K RPM SATA
2x network connection
2x power supply
Works well as a NoSQL server (MongoDB), hypervisor or more demanding e-shop
1x Intel Xeon E5-2620 6C / 12T
(possibility to add more CPUs)
(max. 768 GB)
2x 200GB SSD + 2x 2TB 7.2K RPM SATA (pre dáta) (for OS and applications)
2x 2TB 7.2K RPM SATA (for data)
2x network connection
2x power supply
Handles Big data (Hadoop), multimedia converting, containers (Docker, CoreOS)
1x Intel Xeon E5-2630 8C / 16T
(possibility to add more CPUs)
(max. 768 GB)
(for OS and applications)
(for data)
2x network connection
2x power supply
The prices stated are excluding VAT.
The advantages of having dedicated servers with us
If you are interested in individual server configuration, contact the sales department -

The advantages of having dedicated servers with us

Hassle-free custom solutions
If you have specific requirements on server configuration, storage, network or virtualization, operation system and applications, we are happy to comply. Just contact us.
Plan ahead and save
We designed the configuration of the servers we offer to meet our goal – your satisfaction. If we could perfect it with a favourable price – why wouldn't we. All you need to do is order the server for some months in advance.
The power is only yours
The server is just yours and you do not have to share its resources with anybody else. We mean a real physical server, there are no "hooks" hidden. You have an unlimited root/admin access which means it's really and fully in your hands.
We'll help you with OS installation
We've got extensive experience with most Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc.), virtualization platforms (VMware ESXi, Citrix XenServer), and also commercial systems such as Microsoft Windows Server or Hyper-V Server or RedHat Enterprise Linux. We'll be happy to put them to good use on your server.
Free extra network connection
Your dedicated server will be connected to two NIC to two different switches. On the top of that and just to be sure, you will have two independent international internet connection providers. Thanks to that, problems with connectivity or network features won't interfere with your application availability.
Free extra power supply
Avoid server availability issues by having two power supply sources. Although it's not common, we feel it should be a standard; that's why it's included in the price of a server. Apart from that, each supply will be connected to a different power branch which will increase the reliability of the solution even more.
Your server in a top data centre
The data centre where the servers are physically located is placed and designed to secure the highest level of latest industrial standards and needed services for smooth operation. It is one of the most modern data centres in Slovakia and meets the criteria for TIER III of the Uptime Institute.
Risk-free data even in disc failure
Your server will always be fitted with a pair of identical drives for the possibility to create a software data mirroring between them (RAID1), plus: we can monitor its status. The operation of your application will be safeguarded against unforeseen disc failures. The possibility to choose different drive settings is a necessity; we will be happy to assist you with that.
One data centre not enough? We have two!
"We respond to your needs and can locate more demanding and extensive solutions for servers to two data centres in Bratislava. Our dedicated optical lines provide communication between them. And also in the case of additional service, Backup, the data is placed in another data centre than the physical server. "


10 Gbps network
Custom price
More demanding clients will appreciate the possibility to connect their server setup with 10 Gbps network. It's a reliable solution for applications that communicate with each other across different servers actively and are a virtualization necessity.
520,00 CZK / month
We will immediately contact you regarding your server operation incidents via e-mail. We monitor all system parameters needed for server operation like specific port response time, storage space, processor load, or available free memory. Solving the incidents is just on you, except hardware failure which is in our hands.
10,00 CZK / GB / month
We can never be careful enough and that's why we offer you a possibility to backup data to another data centre than the one where the server is physically located. The backup runs in regular intervals on our dedicated optical lines between data centres.

Satisfied customers

In our beginnings and when the business skyrocketed, we often had issues with servers and down-times. Then we got to WebSupport where they helped us find the right solution.
Gábor Boros
They are here for us when we need them; willing to deal with unusual requests and help us adapt to our clients. We would be happy to have more partners like them.
Ing. Rudolf Adam
I've been cooperating with WebSupport for over 10 years now. I'm very satisfied with how responsive they are and their admin team is just excellent. I can only recommend them.
Miroslav Šmida
We've got only very good experience with WebSupport's servers and we're satisfied with them. Their hardware provides quality, speed, reliability for a highly competitive price.
Peter Morávek
Take benefit of our individual approach
No matter if you need a custom made solution or just need to clarify some uncertainties, we're here for you. Don't hesitate to contact us and we will find a solution to satisfy your needs.
Michal Púčik
Key Account Manager
We respond to your questions before you ask them

The most frequent questions regarding dedicated servers

What is a dedicated server?
Dedicated server (or bare-metal) is an individual physical server that is reserved (dedicated) just for you. Thus, you decide what you install on it (what software, applications or settings), how you divide its system resources, and you don't share its performance with anybody else. Find out more ...
What are the benefits of a dedicated server?
A dedicated server offers you higher performance than a virtual server and also a greater availability of provided services and security. The advantage of renting it is also in having no troubles with physical components (hardware) because their maintenance is on us.
Can I edit parameters of a dedicated server?
Yes, it's possible. Servers are completed from enterprise components which can be added as hard drives (HDD), SDD, operating memory or another CPUs. If you expect a significant change in the server configuration, we will be happy to help you with initial hardware setup and its possibilities of vertical scaling.
Do you also offer an IPv6 address to a server?
Not at the moment.
Can you provide a dedicated connection with guaranteed transfer band?
Our initial network configuration is enough for most solutions, contact us in case you have special requests as regards speed and amount of data.
What if I need a higher performance than an individual dedicated server can offer?
It's possible to configure parameters of one server to extreme values: If necessary, there's a possibility to combine more dedicated servers, or services, that offer horizontal scaling to one compact solution. Just contact us at
Do you offer Microsoft's operating systems too?
We do, you can license Windows and other software as a part of Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) on dedicated servers. You don't have to own the software, but you can rent it for a monthly fee, find out more about Windows servers.

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