Additional services

We’ll gladly take care of your servers

Additional services

To make servers work perfectly, you must take good care of them. We have taken care of them for over 10 years with love. We’ll take over installations, configurations and monitoring from you with pleasure. Your server will be in the best hands.



We’ve developed a web framework for much easier server administration: Server Manager. You can get it on all your servers for a favorable price.

Server manager správa servera
Simple server management
You don’t need to be an expert at managing virtual and dedicated servers. Thanks to Server Manager, you won’t deal with the worries and expenses related to running them.
Your own hosting in a few seconds
Create your own hosting at your server and set it as you wish, exactly as you need it. Everything’s under your control, immediately, without any useless paperwork.
Domain administration is as easy as ABC
An unlimited number of domains can run on one server. No worries: their administration is clear and instinctive.
140 CZK/ Month
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System administration

Server supervision and management by our experiences admins.

Sprava systemov
You don't need your own administrators 24/7
Sever downtimes bring issues and risks to your business. Everybody does not have the resources for continuous surveillance and intervention in the infrastructure. Our experienced team of admins can help here. We can manage our dedicated servers, VPS, and your own servers.
Response to incidents
We constantly monitor administrated systems. We standardly monitor all necessary system parameters, we can also monitor specific applications, ports, or IP addresses. After an incident is detected, our experts immediately take action to eliminate the problem as quickly as possible.
Proactive administration
System administration includes works needed to maintain stable operation of your server in the range of two hours' work per month. The works include response and assistance in case of incidents and downtimes. As a part of administration, we perform maintenance and software component upgrades connected with stable and secure operation of your applications. For additional charge, we can help you tune up performance of your applications, install additional components, design and implement specific software architecture, and settings.
Division of responsibility
Own administration WebSupport's administration
Your PHP, or other application Customer Customer
Monitoring Customer, or WebSupport, in the Monitoring Service WS's admin team
Performance tuning Customer WS team in collaboration with the customer
SW infrastructure as Web server and DB Customer WS team in collaboration with the customer
Operating system Customer WS team in collaboration with the customer
Virtualization layer WS's admin team WS's admin team
Hardware WS's admin team WS's admin team
Network and connection to the Internet WS's admin team WS's admin team
3200 CZK/ Month
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Sprava systemov

If you need to install OS and software infrastructure to a physical server like a web server and database, we are happy to help. We can also install automatically preinstalled image and other additional components to VPS.

Installation and management works are charged by real working time for hourly fee of 50 euro per hour. We can even help outside regular working hours for additional 50% surcharge.

1300 CZK/ Hour
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Sprava systemov

We can add monitoring service to those physical servers or VPS which you manage. We will inform you about any incidents related to the operation of your server by email immediately. We monitor all system parameters necessary for running the server as a response in specific ports, disk space, CPU load or the amount of free memory. We can adjust supervision tailored to each customer by adding application-specific monitoring or monitoring of website, ports or IP addresses for a one-time charge.

140 CZK/ Month
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